Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage – a popular treatment similar to reflexology that works on both the feet and legs using ancient Thai massage techniques to aid stress relief, improve circulation and mobility.

Thai Foot Massage works along the SEN lines and has been practiced and evolved over a period of two and a half thousand years. This oriental treatment technique was developed and has spread via the monasteries in the provinces and is to this day practiced by Buddhist monks. For this treatment, the client is not required to disrobe but should wear loose clothing to be able to move up knee length. During and after a Thai Foot Massage, the client can experience:

  • A complete mind, body and spirit treatment
  • Improved breathing
  • Better mobility in legs
  • Better circulation and cell nutrition
  • A combination of detoxification and relaxant
  • Better toxin removal to strengthen the immune system

This treatment is not suitable for the following conditions: Cancer, unstable blood pressure, cardiac disorders, diabetes, epilepsy, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, pregnancy, any hip or knee replacements or spine injuries, any unidentified swelling, lumps or bumps and any infectious illness.

45 minutes – £65


To book your appointment, please ring The Plane Tree clinic on 0203 022 5892.


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