Pregnancy and Labour Massage

Pregnancy and Labour Massage

This gentle treatment is designed to help relax and support your body during a period of physical and hormonal change as well as help prepare the whole body for birth. This treatment alleviates common issues like lower back pain, swelling of hands and feet, headaches, cramps, insomnia, muscular stiffness, mood swings, sinus congestion or sciatic pain. Massage is not only good for the pregnant client by giving her time to unwind and relax, it is also of great benefit for the growing baby. It has an indirect relaxing effect on the baby as the mother releases oxytocin and prolactin as a result of skin stimulation. This treatment also contains an additional element of Labour massage – a wonderful practical tool, which the mother and her birth partner can use to help with pain relief and to lessen anxiety during labour.


Heavy vaginal discharge (watery or bloody), Pre-eclampsia, High blood pressure, Contagious illness, Morning sickness, Fever, Abdominal pain, Vomiting/Diarrhoea, Any malignant condition, Unusual pain, Reduction in foetal movement, Burning pain in sacral area, Fainting or dizziness.

Caution required:

Any high risk pregnancy – will require letter from midwife or doctor.

Pre-pregnancy diabetes mellitus, Cardiac, pulmonary or liver disorders, Multiple pregnancy, Asthma, Risk of foetal generic disorders, RH-negative factor or maternal generic problems, including DES exposure and other uterine abnormalities, Convulsive disorders, Intrauterine growth retardation, abnormal foetal movement or heartbeat, Epilepsy, Any placenta related problems including placenta previa, placenta abrupta, Incompetent cervix, Anaemia, Multiple Sclerosis.

If you are unsure if a pregnancy massage is right for you, check with your midwife or GP, particularly in the first and second trimesters.

75 minutes – £75


To book your appointment, please ring The Plane Tree clinic on 0203 022 5892.


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