Life Gets In The Way….

One of the promises I made about this blog was that I would be candid about the ups and downs of running a fledgling business. It’s not always successful and brilliant and things will invariably go wrong, so you either try to manage those problems or let them overtake you. The hardest lesson we have learned in the last couple of months about running a business, and one of the main reasons for the lack of posts and activity, is when ‘real life’ suddenly gets in the way.

To put this into context, October through to December was looking to be very busy and exciting time for High Spirit Therapies. As well as our usual market stall in Hampstead, we were looking forward to trading at some seasonal events and had a fair number of Christmas markets to look forward to. Our website was up and running, and with the aid of an online newsletter and various social networking sites, we were looking forward to promoting our products and developing new ones. We’d also had a couple of new shops interested in stocking our teas, including the rather wonderful Graveney and Meadow in Tooting who have been doing some business with us, and you can now enjoy a cup of our Winter Warmer along with some of their yummy cakes should the fancy take you.

All was going well, and we finally had a strategy to grow.

My favourite view from our soon to be ex-house

We then found out, rather suddenly, that we had to move from the home we have lived in for the last 7 years. Due to a change in his own personal circumstances, the landlord wanted to move back into his property and we were required to vacate. Suffice to say, it came as a massive shock to us as we had lived there for so long.

Also, because of the general rise in living expenses and cost of renting increasing beyond our means, I will very sadly be saying goodbye to the area that I have spent the last 35 years of my life.

It’s hard to ascertain how much of a knock the business took from this sudden change of circumstances. We were able to honour the markets and events that we had already committed to, but the others that we had planned to do, the promoting of the business and the new products we hoped to develop; all of that had to now take a back seat whilst we spent much of our time looking for a new roof over our heads, shopping for mortgages, finding suitable areas to live in and dealing with Estate Agents.

It amazes me that anyone ever manages to buy a house in this country; it’s the most complex, emotional and expensive act that anyone can ever do. It’s an incredibly fraught process with so many conflicting agendas, and you suddenly find yourself thrust into a world of negotiation skills and borderline psychological warfare.

Our ex-house during a cold snap

To give you a quick overview of our experience, we’ve been gazumped, lost a house, gained a house and lost it again. Witnessed an Estate Agent who seemed no older than 12 arguing with a tenant who objected to viewings of his home, and we have seen houses that are borderline derelict being described as needing ‘ a slight touch of modernisation’.

Though we have had support from friends and family as we go through this, having to move house and the various disputes that go along with it, is a very lonely affair.

Ultimately our aim is try and keep High Spirit Therapies, and indeed our lives, running as we go through this change, and because we have to move to a different area we’ve decided to view this as an opportunity to bring the business to a wider audience.

I hope they like us!



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