“I just wanted to share my experience of a wonderful Tea Blending session I had. Jo has an excellent range of herbal teas to suit all tastes and her knowledge on the blends can make a very unique and thoughtful gift!!! So anyone looking to uplift their spirits or soothe their souls, then do give Jo a call at High Spirit Therapies.”


“Just wanted to thank you for all your help in assisting me on my journey and path. It has been a difficult one for sure but I am now beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I had a wonderful treatment at the Spa day!!! The environment was relaxing and the music very calming. I had the deep tissue back and leg massage and it was very effective and I felt both relaxed and refreshed by it. Jo is very professional, friendly and has a very healing touch! I would highly recommend a treatment from High Spirit Therapies!!!”

“Thank you for organising a wonderful spa day. Jo is a wonderful therapist who puts you at ease.  She is easy to relate to and is highly professional. I had a wonderful Thai foot massage that left me feeling totally relaxed. Can’t wait to attend the next event! Thank you! :-D”

“I really enjoyed the High Spirit Therapy Spa day.  I was offered a choice of teas and other drinks, I was able to browse the hand made products that had been freshly made and then the massage was heavenly.  This isn’t the first massage I’ve had from Jo because she offers such a wide range of different treatments which really tackle any issues or problems you have and also take into account your preference to pressure and intensity. Let me know when the next spa day will be!”

“Where to begin? I’ve had massages from high spirit therapies on more than one occasion and every time has been fantastic. She is qualified in so many different fields of massage that you always get such a choice. Her fingers work magic on any ailment. I personally struggle with lower back problems due to a recent pregnancy and also neck and shoulder pain. Jo (High Spirit Therapies) tackles each problem professionally with a lot of knowledge and gets to the root of the problem. Her approach is always customer focused and it can never be too much or too little pain or discomfort as she allows you, the customer, to guide the massage within tolerable boundaries. As a person she’s very social and friendly and instantly puts you at ease which is great (especially if you’re having to strip for a massage).

Overall a great experience, I feel that if you were to book Jo to do your massage you would come away very refreshed, renewed and impressed, and if you get a chance try her homemade speciality teas and browse through her wonderful handmade products. If you are one to love taking care of yourself and being pampered, High Spirit Therapies is definitely the place to be!”

“My therapist at High Trees Therapies was top notch. She was patient and kind, and really took time to find out about what was wrong. I have a specific problem with tension in my upper back and several nasty knots that refuse to budge. Her skill, firmness and patience helped me out a great deal and I would recommend her on highly to anyone.”

“My therapist was extremely professional, friendly and approachable and really put me at ease.

I have had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders due to frequently using a computer and carrying heavy bags but the deep tissue massage de-stressed me and got rid of all my knots with so much ease – compared to treatments I’ve had at other places and not with any excruciating pain either which was brilliant for me.

“As far as I’m concerned I would definitely re-book it was a good experience all round.”

“Good, firm massage, which is just what you need from a deep tissue massage.
Location is a little hectic when you first arrive, as the waiting room was packed and some of this noise carries into the treatment room.”