HST at the Mind Body Soul Exhibition

It’s been a busy few months here at High Spirit Therapies. 

Our next adventure is that we will be exhibiting at the Mind Body Soul experience at the Olympia in Earls Court over three days starting from Friday 25th of October.

If you are not familiar, it is an exhibition that celebrates everything to to do with “complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development”, and we be selling our skincare and herbal tea blends, as well as Jo offering her massage treatments.

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We are particularly excited as this is one of the largest events we will be taking part in, and we have been working hard in making enough stock to sell to a potential 20000 customers over those three days.

To give you an idea of the work involved in providing for a large event, it has taken around 3 months to prepare for, buying in all the ingredients from our different suppliers, as well has getting in appropriate labelling for our products.

On top of this, is the work involved in planning the stall out – it won’t be the usual table top sale as we will not have the space, but instead we have opted for a series of shelves, a small table and made sure we have enough space for the massage chair.
web2Jo will also be running a workshop in the Experience Zone on the Saturday morning, at around 10.45am, sharing her knowledge on how to prevent injuries using a series of stretching exercises.

It’s sort of like a keep fit class but with a few techniques that you can use at home.
Because this show is rather special, we will also be selling some exclusive tea and skincare sets th
at attendees can purchase at a very special price.

We consider ourselves very privileged to be exhibiting at this very special event, so I really hope you can join us!

Below are what I hope some tantalising images of some or the products we will be selling, including our special T-shirts that we will be wearing on the day!

1381184565023 These pictures feature images of our a Spring Breeze hand cream in a very handy pump bottle.
1382120126071 This is our Chamomile tea in a very nice tin.
1382120110871 Our very special Tea Set which includes three different types of tea and a tea strainer.
1381184578738 Our Spring Breeze Hand Cream all ready for the Mind Body Soul

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