In Praise of Pop-ups

Pop-up markets can be a great way to promote you business, get a few extra sales in and test the water with a new product. It’s also a excellent networking opportunity as you meet traders and potential customers who you would never normally reach.

We recently traded at the rather lovely Wonder Hill market, a Pop-Up event that took place in The Tooting  Tooting Tram and Social Pub. We’ve done Wonder Hill Market events before, mainly because they are so well organised, but this was the first time that we got to trade at one in our local area. Kiki works very hard at publicising the event and does her best to make it a success.

I can heartily recommend taking part, as either a trader or customer, and you can get further details about them here:

Run by the very capable, Kiki-Sunshine Boonwaat, Wonder-Hill boasts a variety of stalls for people to enjoy. Sometimes, this is accompanied by  entertainment and the occasional surprise, and in our case, we were treated to a flash-mob of rock and roll dancers. So surprised was I by the sudden appearance of people dancing to Swing and Boogie-woogie, that I only managed to take a this rather fuzzy picture below…

2012-08-05 15.41.32

The very nature of a Pop-Up means that traders sometimes have to be flexible and improvise with what they are given, working with whatever table and chairs the venue is able to provide. In our case, we manage to create a stall using the side of the bar, a small table and a couple of up-turned bar stools.

2012-08-05 12.24.28This actually turned out quite well for us as we were able to display our skincare products and tea at different levels for customers to enjoy browsing, but also accommodate the massage chair to enable people to be comfortable and get the best out of their treatment.

Our overall experience of the day was that it was enjoyably hectic. Like most events we trade at, you have quiet moments followed by a mad rush. Our most popular item of the day was the hand cream, the Spring breeze moisturiser and of course the massage treatments. Also, because we were trading in our local area, we got to meet a few old friends and spread the word about High Spirit Therapies in one of my favourite pubs.

2012-08-05 14.12.54Throughout the evening, we were treated to some live music which included the rather wonderful Skiffle City Ramblers, and a demonstration of some old style Rock and Roll dancing. Never one to turn down the opportunity to have a dance, Jo took the time to learn a few moves herself…

All in all, it was a successful and enjoyable day, and is a nice example of the kind of experiences you can have when running a fledgling business. With this in mind, we are very much looking forward to what future surprises Kiki will have in store for us.

2012-08-05 16.12.15

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