The Perils of Being a Trader Part 1: The Weather.

Photo3627The guy on the left is Richard Hurley, one of my oldest friends.

I’ve known him for thirty years. He was helping out at our stall whilst we traded at a Charity Summer Fair in Sellincourt School, which we both went too back in the 80’s.

In the photo below, standing next to him is my Dad, who was also helping out that day. It gave both of them an opportunity to have a go at selling our skincare, herbal teas and the massage treatments. Unfortunately, it also happened to be a hideously windy day, and this resulted in our stall catching each gust and taking off. Despite our efforts to tie it down, use weights and shout ineffectively at the weather the stall would take off as if in the midst of a hurricane.
So how did we solve the problem and prevent damage to stock?

My Dad and Richard held onto the stall as Jo and I worked. Acting as a buffer, stopping the stall from running halfway along the playground, and they did this for a good couple of hours…

With an image like this, I feel a ‘Caption Competition’ coming on…

Despite the weather, is was a pleasant way to do some business. Our herbal teas sold well, especially when customers realise that you don’t necessarily have to enjoy it as a hot infusion. I can highly recommend a spoonful of our Vitality blend, and infusing it in lemonade. The delicious mixture of Orange, Hibiscus and Spearmint works really well, and creates an fruit-punch type flavour. It also works very well with Pimms.

As well as working the stall I had the opportunity to wallow in nostalgia and be reminded of how little some things change. The building itself remains the same, and I was pleasantly surprised that some of my old teachers were still there.

I decided to take a few photos as there was plenty of activity throughout the day, and despite the wind, it was very sunny. As well as our stall, there were people selling plants, toys, and a couple of burger and hotdog stands. There was also a raffle, to which we contributed a prize.

Depending on our availability, we may take part again next year. It was nice for High Spirit Therapies to contribute something to our local community, see my old school, and get to catch up with friends.

Enjoy the photos!

‘You shall not pass!!!’
Jo trying to control the weather
The building is a testament to how some things stay comfortably the same.
Jo busy selling as the stall blows away.


I actually planted some of this garden back in the early 80’s!!!


  1. Oooh, this looks good. Anyway, I just wanted to say that bought some of your teas awhile back, and they were really tasty! 🙂


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